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Socially Distanced Photography

By the end of March my photography business lost 20 event bookings and several headshot sessions overnight. Due to lockdown people photography was one hold and I had to be both resilient and patient. Social distancing became part of our everyday conversation and every business had to adjust accordingly. Through my business network it was some comfort to know that I was by far from alone.

In the first week of June I took a call from a Cornwall location. That is 370 miles away from Leeds, where I am based. They said that they had looked at my website and wanted me to go to Stockton for an editorial shoot for there magazine. ” Your work is perfect for what we want and you are only down the road from the location.” I was in fact 80 miles away but was not going to argue.

Kidney Care UK

Kidney Care UK is based in Corwall and publish ‘Kidney Matters’ their quarterly magazine with with about 8,000 readers. They required some editorial shots for one of their stories.

Jonathan is a very happy and fit young man. However, he had developed kidney failure and needed urgent treatment. Having lost his job through illness, which at the time was undiagnosed, he fell into a very difficult domestic situation. Eighteen months later he is now receiving dialysis and moving into his new flat, helped by Kidney Care UK.

A great story with a happy ending. Jonathan was so generous and helpful with his time and was the perfect ‘model’ for the magazine.

Please follow the link here to see more about Kidney Care UK – https://www.kidneycareuk.org/about-kidney-health/kidney-matters/

Kidney Care UK. Jonathan is moving into his new flat after receiving treatment and funds from Kidney care UK.

Getting increasingly involved in my the Open network enabled me to expand both my design and photography offer and the calls to take pictures started to roll in. Business needs to continue to tell its customers and target audience what is happening in the business and June became a very busy month. Social distancing, outside in reasonable Yorkshire weather has enabled me to get out and about on a weekly basis and cover a lot of ground.

Mark Harris – More Money (York)

Mark Harris is based in York. Working from home is a big part of his business and Mark required shots to reflect this. A young family and a beautiful and spacious house are Mark really values the opportunity to work from home and wants to help others achieve that possibility too. Little did mark know six months ago that this type of work would be commonplace.

Please follow the link here to see more about Mark https://www.moremoney.biz/

Natural light is perfect for detailed shots too. A few props and some tight cropping means the client gets some extra shots.

Fowler & Powell Estate Agents (Leeds)

Levi Fowler and Julien Fowler are partners at Fowler & Powell Estate Agents and focus mainly in North Leeds in the Roundhay, Chapel Allerton districts. They were such fun to work with as the dynamic duo. They are clearly very close business friends and get along brilliantly. As a photographer this can really help as the mood is relaxed immediately and work can take advantage of their interaction. Fine weather in the leafy suburb of Roundhay is the is ideal backdrop to their business profile images.

Please follow the link here to see more about Fowler & Powell – https://fowlerandpowell.co.uk/

business portrait

Detailed shots are easy to capture and a great bonus for any portrait shoot.

Clare Tumber – Just Mortgages (Harrogate)

Clare has been very busy helping new buyers find the right Mortgage for them. Along with fee-free offers for NHS and essential workers, Clare helps those who may be struggling to find the right mortgage offer. With an extensive list of providers, Clare can usually find a way around tricky financial circumstances.

Please follow the link here to see more about Clare and Just mortgages – https://www.linkedin.com/in/clare-tumber-82256b93/

Harrogate is the ideal place to shoot Clare. There are so many beautiful locations and views to provide soft urban backdrops and Clare’s jacket collection is the ideal wardrobe for style and professionalism.

Paul Ulett – MD, the Open network

Paul established the Open network as a different kind of business network for small to medium business people. The unique combination of multiple group opportunities, free training, structure, sector lockout, commitment and great quality referrals is quickly growing into an 8 group 120 member business force throughout Yorkshire. Check the group out at https://the-open-network.co.uk/

A very hot day in Harrogate gave Paul the opportunity for some warm and friendly profile images for his Linked in and Open network website.

Paul is always relaxed and happy when doing business. ” I love working with business people who desire purpose and education.”

Outside is best for most work

Clearly social distancing is going to be with us for some time to come. Business and society as a whole will be dictated by public health. Shopping habits, vacation, eating out and sports are just some of our every day lives that are going to be affected and we all simply have to move with changes in habits, lifestyle and daily routines. As a people photographer my aim is to make sure my clients feel safe and relaxed. Secondly we have to make sure the work we are doing is on brand and conveys the style and story the client wants to convey.

I love working outside. I think most clients do too. The light and space enables them to feel liberated and free to express themselves . It feels more personal and real than if they were stuck behind a desk or resting against the coffee machine.

I predict we are going to see a lot more commercial photography taken outside and reckon we will all benefit from it too.

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