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Business Portraits in More Detail

Style, colour, pattern, collar, tie, watch, jewellery. These are all details that help make a professional business profile or headshot deliver purpose and ambition. When I get in front of my clients I want them to be the best versions of themselves. Appropriate lighting, composition, pose, attire and style are all part of the ingredients that goes into a good business profile shoot. It also takes confidence and time to craft the best shots and most of my sessions are about an hour. So be prepared to work hard!

A beautiful watch or colourful tie may be the kind of detail that help my clients deliver their personal and business brand. Soft light or side angle that shows bone structure, arms crossed or hands clasped are all part of my style tool kit too. I advise on colours, textures, favourite jacket and even quirky jewellery.

However, it is the comfort of the client that is the crucial factor.  If you feel good you will look good’  is my mantra.

For me, the best shots are captured with all this detail in mind and why my photography delivers the right kind of images for my clients. They reflect the brand of the business, the culture of the company and the personality of its people.

” The difference between something good and something great is detail.” –  Charles R Swindoll.

Recruitment specialist to the accountancy world, Ben Lyons cuts a good cloth. Thorough scrutiny of candidate, attention to detail and working to sometimes critical deadlines means that Ben has created a fantastic reputation in his field. And, as we all know, accountants are serious about their numbers and so Ben has to stay at the top of his game.

There is more about Ben here

A very smart and detailed estate agent

Great brands and business services have so many opportunities to show their values. Here Julian is quietly demonstrating to his clients that detail, presentation and quality are as important to him as they are to you. 

A great suit can survive close scrutiny and fun with a few buttons can add that twist to a client’s personality and style.

Paisley and check can look great together and Julien is confident enough to demonstrate his sense of style. See more of Julian at  –

Badge of Honour

Barry is very proud of his military background and loves to use its insignia as part of his brand. Loyalty, commitment and team work are all part of Barry’s business story.

Customer service, high quality products and the highest level of professionalism is standard for Barry  –

business portrait detail

Manicured nails help too of course!

Creativity first, business second.

Jane is an interior designer and her attention to detail is crucial to her work and her brand. When a client hires a creative to work with them on a project it is quite often down to personal taste. What Jane wears and how she uses accessories is crucial to her personal and business brand.

Jewellery and nails are often notices when working closely with clients. From my experience as a creative, it’s the value of detail that catches the best clients.

Working from home

Mark’s business is about finding great opportunities to work from home. However, he still believes it is vital to be seen as a hard-working professional who takes all aspects of business presentation seriously.

If my client wears a badge whilst working it is a great opportunity to get added brand values across. Stylish handkerchief and colour co-ordinated jacket are lovely touches to a personality that enjoys both work and play.

If I see a Mont Blanc pen we have to shoot it. It would be remiss and a wasted opportunity not too. A classic, long-lasting brand that delivers durability and style year after year is a great name to associate yourself with.

Please follow the link here to see more about Mark –


Jane is an interior designer and works with some high-end private clients on their homes. Personal style and design is crucial when working together on interior projects because the work is often down to personal taste. Jane has such grace and style and I wanted to show this in her hands. Her ring is just one of many individual touches that Jane has and her clients are drawn to her as a result.

Financial Services

A very traditional, pin-striped, shiny shoed world of financial services  has been smashed here by a much more relaxed and casual style. Using Harrogate as a location it is the perfect place to include some of Yorkshires beautiful stone pillars to emphasise the strength and long lasting requirements of a long life and pension planning. Fine quality brown leather and Yorkshire Stone work perfectly together and often look better with age.

Phil’s  old school satchel look is a casual and relaxed nod to the past evoking study, paperwork and style.

The ivory hammered business card are reflect the strong heritage of St James Place with it’s high standards and reputation as a source of solid financial advice.

Time well spent

A discussion regarding wardrobe means that the client can feel relaxed and ready to go without too much fuss and I do advise my clients to bring one or two options along to shoots so the tweaks to style can be made. Above all, however, the client has  to feel comfortable and relaxed and my advice is always bring what you feel best in. They are usually right.

Our photography planning means that the shoot starts with them choosing their clothes. Most of my job on the day is to get them feeling confident and relaxed whilst evaluating shape, light and pose. Usually an hour of time, a few laughs and a drink of tea is all we need to get the best results. My work is to show you what I can see and how best to use. However, just remember your prospects, clients, friends and staff can all see their own versions too. So try to focus on the detail always and not just our shoot.

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