Yorkshire Location Photography

Grand parents enjoying retirement with the grand children. If you feed ducks too quickly they depart. The instructions to our models was to throw small hand fulls of corn every 20 seconds. We had about 2 minutes to get these shots. Hungry ducks!

Location, location, location

Yorkshire has so many stunning, interesting and friendly locations to choose from when it comes to finding the right location for editorial, pr and marketing photography.

Stately homes, parks, reservoirs, ponds, bars, cafes and playgrounds are all part of my mix when it comes to working with the client on location. From a marketing and business perspective the brief is to find the right , most appropriate location. Models have to be briefed too on what is expected and what the work is for so that we all understand the brief.

For me, the best shots are captured with all this detail in mind and why my photography delivers the right kind of images for my clients. They reflect the brand offer, add context to the message and deliver a story that will draw the audience or consumer in.

Most of my people work is located where I can produce a shallow depth of field. This enables me to achieve soft, simple backgrounds where the subject is sharp and dominant. It also gives context and relevance to the business and brand messages each client wants to convey. Most lawyers, for example, want to be shot at their offices. (usually for lack of expensive time).

The brief

A good brief is one where flexibility is built is..Quite often the client will suggest the story or focus of the brief and the product or service they are offering. I will then suggest a number of locations to consider. One of my clients is ‘JUST’ who use the splendour, variety and space of Yorkshire for most of their marketing photography with me. I have extensive experience in hiring models, seeking great locations , styling the shoots and delivered on over eighty locations shoots for JUST.

Variety, friendliness and comfort

Over the years I have discovered many different types of location. Most are free to use and I have found that most ‘owners’ are really happy for you to use their facility for commercial work. On occasion we have agreed a charity donation as part of a payment or thank you for using private facilities. Yorkshire is truly a friendly and beautiful region and we are blessed to haver so much to offer on our doorstep.

Shallow focus depth helps pull the subject matter into a sharp, central area of the picture, drawing the audience into a the story or relationship. We were permitted to use this private allotment provided we left it as we found it. Low light, October light at 4pm October provided very soft light and vivid colour.

A two hour art class fee for 4 enabled to photograph an art class for a retirement campaign. The brief was to show our couple enjoying their retirement together in a creative setting.

Roundhay Park

Roundhay Park in North Leeds is one of the largest publicly owned parks in Europe. Living only 3 miles away, it is my first choice for most of my work. From there I go north to Wetherby Harrogate, and beyond. Check Roundhay Park out soon if you have not already done so.

Roundhay Park is one of my favourites. It is versatile, very well looked after and lots of space and variety to cover several shoots.

There is something for everybody at Roundhay Park, including two children playgrounds.

The Monet Gardens in Roundhay is just across the road from Tropical World and provides some of the best natural arrangement. Even retirees enjoy a spot of photography.

Harewood House

Again, Harewood House is very close by for me and is a fantastic location with variety, style and space. The interesting themes throughout the grounds provides a huge choice of activities, backdrops and themes for clients. You can also get a decent cuppa at the cafe and some lovely gifts and books at their shop.

Models love Harewood because it is so uplifting and stylish. They know that the location is ideal for great work and are often very excited at the prospect of seeing the pictures.

Please follow the link here to see more about Harewood House – https://www.

Harewood is my second choice of location after Roundhay Park. The options that these locations provide is the real value of such places. Places to eat, relax, enjoy and experience means that we can often cover three or four location shoots in one day session. This offers the client real value for money too.

Yorkshire people

London clients in particular love coming to art direct their shoots. To some of us here, that is not at all surprising. The warm, friendly approach of the public, business owners and people generally is why we moved here 25 years ago from London. Yorkshire folk are generally kind, realistic and forgiving and for a location photographer that is key.

lifestyle photo

The 19th hole is where most of the fun is had in golf. I little drink helps too of course.

Wetherby provides a lovely Yorkshire Stone backdrop. Harrogate is bigger and has more locations but Wetherby has less crowds and can sometime be of greater benefit as a result.

Please contact me

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